Customer Value Expert Toolset® (CVET®) enables your business to:
  • Measure the value of your products and services to customers
  • Build and share tools for co-creating and proving your value to customers
CVET Value Hub

Why is CVET powerfully different from other methods?

  • Focus research on just those customer value measurements that drive your customer’s purchase decisions
  • Increase credibility with customer verified data, instead of reliance on assumptions and assertions
  • Work jointly with your customer to generate new knowledge…not merely recycling customer opinion
  • Share customer value knowledge across your organization
  • Standardize terminology and methods to accelerate adoption

How Best Practice Firms Use Customer Value Models

  • Determine value-based customer segments
  • Identify high priority targets
  • Guide product development priorities
  • Formulate pricing strategy and tactics
  • Craft persuasive value propositions
  • Support value selling with value-based sales tools
    • Value case histories
    • Value calculators
    • Value documenters
  • Improve profitability by identifying value drains and value leaks