Uncover and prove your superior value
Request a Demo Developed by Northwestern University Kellogg School professors James C. Anderson and Eric Berggren, the Customer Value Management Expert Toolset® (CVET®) streamlines the process of quantifying and proving your superior value to customers.
CVET has two applications:

CVET enables you to conduct customer value research on a market offering. It guides you to:

  • Select market segments to study
  • Identify sources of value
  • Write value word equations
  • Gather and analyze customer value data
  • Build customer value models
  • Generate, share and maintain value selling tools

CVET generates value tools that enable your marketing, sales & customer success teams to easily and effectively quantify and prove your superior value with an individual customer. Here you co-create value with customers by sharing data and value calculations. CVET captures all data and learnings to be reused.

Watch CVET in action

Why you should avoid spreadsheets

Keys to Successful Value Quantification Tools

  • The Benchmarks data ranges and reference points.
  • Allows customers to change input data.
  • Is clear and concise.
  • Shows the results as your customer would like to see them, for example in terms of ROI, net present value, cash flow break-even, dollars saved.
  • Allows users to save cases and work through a process to go from proposal, to accepted, to verified.
  • Builds in an archive so that cases can be saved, searched, and sorted by industry, application, country, distributor, customer, and so forth.
  • Provides live updates when connected to corporate server; links to reference material.
  • Is easy to use.

Source: Hinterhuber & Snelgrove, Value First, Then Price: Building Value-Based Pricing Strategies