Uncover and prove your superior value.
Developed by Northwestern University Kellogg School professors James C. Anderson and Eric Berggren, the Customer Value Management Expert Toolset® (CVET®) streamlines the process of demonstrating and documenting the superior value delivered to customers.
CVET has two applications:
CVET enables you to conduct customer value research on a market offering. It guides you to define your project, select market segments to study, identify value elements, write value word equations, gather customer value data, build value models, and generate reports. Using the analysis capabilities, you don't have to be an expert to achieve best practice in measuring and analyzing customer value.
CVET generates value-based sales tools that enable your sales force to easily and effectively quantify and prove your superior value with an individual customer. Here you gather data from customers, edit existing customer data, and use the Value Calculator and Value Documenter.

These tools increase your sales force's efficiency and effectiveness by reducing the number of calls required to win an order and/or increasing your "win" rate against the competition.

How Best Practice Firms Use Customer Value Models

  • Determine value-based customer segments
  • Identify high priority targets
  • Guide product development priorities
  • Formulate pricing strategy and tactics
  • Craft persuasive value propositions with a resonating focus
  • Support value selling with value-based sales tools
    • Value case histories
    • Value calculators
    • Value documenters
  • Improve profitability by identifying value drains and value leaks

Why is CVET powerfully different from other methods?

  • Focus research on just those customer value measurements that drive your customer’s purchase decisions
  • Increase credibility with customer verified data, instead of reliance on assumptions and assertions
  • Work jointly with your customer to generate new knowledge…not merely recycling customer opinion
  • Share customer value knowledge across your organization