Customer Value Leadership Capability Builders

CVET LLC was founded by Northwestern University Kellogg School professors James C. Anderson and Eric Berggren to enable organizations to grow and profit from their customer value. Our customer value research and sales tools are based on over 2 decades of cutting-edge research and hands-on experience implementing customer value innovation and management at leading B2B firms across the world. The CVET suite of tools has been successfully implemented in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. CVET works for any B2B business whether it’s high tech, health care, industrial, or service industries.

Our goal is to embed these capabilities in your organization to be self-sufficient. We offer training and consulting to get you there. Our global network of skilled practioners can also guide your transformation to become the customer value leader in your markets. For a free consultation, please contact

James Anderson

Eric Berggren

Our Value Network

Founded by Northwestern University Kellogg School marketing professor Eric Berggren, Axios leads clients to innovate and manage their customer value for revenue and profit growth. Drawing on our network of expert resources, we combine highly skilled and experienced consultants with cutting edge methods to address each client’s unique challenges. Axios has developed and implemented highly effective differentiation strategies for clients on 6 continents across a wide variety of industries. (Based in USA)

Todd Snelgrove, the founder of Experts in Value, has real-world global experience developing and implementing the tools, systems, and processes, to deliver a value selling methodology that drives a companies culture change towards all things value. Todd led the creation and implementation of the strategy at a world-renowned industrial manufacturer, doubling net profit margins. (Based in USA)

Working with B2B decision makers, we help you grow faster and make your organisation more efficient. Delivering sustainable results for you by implementing strategy so you outperform your competitors by creating value for your customers.​​​​ (Based in Australia)

​​Orange Orca B.V. achieves measurable performance improvement in marketing & sales or purchasing & logistics. Orange Orca works seamlessly with CVET to implement customer value management at client firms. (Based in the Netherlands)

Valore Consultoria Estratégica collaborates with market-leading companies in the B2B sector to increase their financial results through streamlined execution of Strategic Business Plan. Our expertise in Customer Segmentation, Key Account Management, Customer Centric culture and Value Offer Maximization will transform how these companies engage their clients to be more relevant, differentiated and profitable in a long-term perspective. (Based in Brazil)

We work with B2B organizations to improve their agile operating models to grow profitability in disruptive marketplaces. Our team provides consulting, coaching and training services to empower organizations to adapt agility. (Based in Canada)